Throwback SF Thursday: EDSBT Longlisted for the REH Foundation Awards

The Robert E. Howard Foundation has announced the preliminary ballot for the 2018 REH Foundation Awards and I have been nominated for The Cimmerian—Outstanding Achievement, Essay (Online).  Specifically, the foundation nominated my three posts on the Del Rey collection of Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories (which you can find here, here, and here).

The REH Foundation gives awards for outstanding book (non-anthology/collection), book (anthology/collection), essay (print), and essay (online), as well as awards for an emerging scholar, a website or periodical, multimedia, special achievement, artistic achievement, and lifetime achievement.  You can find the full list of nominees here.

Friends of the blog Keith West and Bobby Derie make appearances (many, many appearances in the latter case, but check out in particular his REH Bar Guide).  I especially want to highlight essays by Bob Byrne and the inestimable John C. Wright.

Voting in the initial round is limited to Foundation Legacy Circle Members and will whittle the longlist down into a shortlist.  Awards will be given out at Howard Days in REH’s hometown of Cross Plains, Texas.  (I ought to eventually make the trek down there.  My father-in-law is from Brownwood and still owns an interest in a farm down that way.)

I wrote many, many posts about Conan this summer, and not just about Howard’s stories.  You can find all of my posts here.  I also did a Halloween series on REH’s horror stories.  You can find those posts in three parts here, here, and here.

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11 Responses to Throwback SF Thursday: EDSBT Longlisted for the REH Foundation Awards

  1. This is very cool. Congratulations!

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  2. Congrats! Great post!

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  3. Bookstooge says:

    Congrats! Nice to know that I”m following some quality people and not just lowbrow vintage fantasy fans…oh….wait…

    I am glad to see you get the recognition for all those posts you wrote. I know I never really commented much, but that era of SFF is one I simply can’t appreciate. I’ve tried, goodness knows, but I learned my lesson with the Barsoom books…

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    • H.P. says:

      I’ve only read a couple ERB books, and he didn’t light my world on fire. Have you read any Howard? He just writes with such great energy. Like any other collection of art, different works are going to vary in quality in the eye of the beholder.

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      • Bookstooge says:

        I”ve read a Conan omnibus, not sure which author it was by. Hang on….
        The Essential Conan by Howard. However, as I have no record of it and the SFBC date is ’98, I probably read it in Bibleschool before I was recording my books.
        So this might actually be a good book for my lunch read, as I still need a paperbook as my kindle can’t handle the New England winters.

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        • H.P. says:

          Definitely keep an eye out for used copies of the Del Rey collections. Unlike the earlier collections, the Del Rey collection presents only Howard’s work in originally published form, without editing or additional Conan stories by other authors. Frankly, you could start with any of the three–there are arguments for starting with each.

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          • Bookstooge says:

            I’ll probably read the sfbc edition I have and call that good. Shelf space is limited and I’m still trying to get rid of Burrough’s books that I made the mistake of buying in a bundle from teh sfbc years ago…

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  4. Bob Byrne says:

    Thanks for the kind words about my essay. I wasn’t much of a fan of ‘The God in the Bowl,’ but I definitely appreciate it more now. And congratulations on your own nomination.

    I saw your post that you read a Steve Perry pastiche. That most definitely was a terrible one.

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