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Kings of the Wyld is a Wild Ride

Great storytelling hay can be reaped by taking old tropes and flat out running with them until you reach their natural, logical conclusion.  (See, e.g., M.L. Brennan’s Generation V series.)  Eames does just that with the band of adventurers model … Continue reading

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Follow Every Day Should Be Tuesday on Social Media

The best way to follow Every Day Should Be Tuesday is using an RSS reader (I use the G2Reader).  But EDSBT does have a social media presence and you are welcome to and encouraged to follow me elsewhere. Every Day Should … Continue reading

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June 2019 Month-in-Review and Mid-Year-in-Review

After a very hectic May, June provided a more sedate pace.  The rest of the summer should prove even better.  Hopefully two trips to Canada provide plenty of reading time.  I hope to read even more in July and August … Continue reading

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Short Review Roundup – Falling Behind (Expectations) edition

The purpose of a book review blog is to publish book reviews.  (Look at me—courting controversy!)  I really feel like I have been slacking off around here.  I haven’t even really been reading that much (fantasy), but I have a … Continue reading

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Short Review Roundup – MonsterVerse Movie Edition

Everybody’s got to have a potential cinematic universe.  Some are more welcome than others.  I grew up watching Godzilla movies on Saturday mornings.  I am not about to complain about a Godzilla reboot in an age of CGI riches.  We … Continue reading

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Crowfall Caps a Landmark Work of GrimHeart

Ed McDonald does something remarkable with Crowfall.  Crowfall is the third (and presumably final) book in his stellar Raven’s Mark series.  Third books—especially third books that close a series—follow a certain pattern.  The first book sets up the world; the … Continue reading

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Throwback SF: Cirsova: Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense no. 1

I have fallen behind in my Cirsova reading.  With the name change and the change in focus, I decided to jump ahead from the last issue I read (issue no. 3 from volume 1) to the newest issue. Formerly, Cirsova: … Continue reading

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