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April 2021 Month-in-Review

April was one of those where-did-it-go months.  There are months I stay busy, know I’m not reading, and fret all month about it.  April was almost over before I realized with shock I had only finished two books (I squeezed … Continue reading

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Wheel of Time TV Show gets pre-release Greenlight for Season 2

They are being quiet about it, but Amazon has given the greenlight to season 2 of its Wheel of Time show, despite season 1 still shooting, let alone not having aired. Shooting of season 2 is to start immediately after … Continue reading

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Zach Snyder’s Superman Trilogy

It is finally here: something I didn’t know I needed until I watched it.  I had written off Justice League and the DCEU.  I probably never would have watched the Snyder Cut of Justice League but for Godzilla vs. Kong[1], … Continue reading

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March 2021 Month-in-Review

Is that a light we finally see at the end of the tunnel?  March got off to a good start.  The state has me classified as a frontline essential worker, but I wasn’t expecting to get my first dose of … Continue reading

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Bardugo Caps One of the Best YA Series of the Young Century with Ruin and Rising

“I am not ruined.  I am ruination.” Ruin and Rising brings Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy to a close.  I was in at the ground floor, reading the first and second books right around the time they came out.  I inexplicably … Continue reading

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Siege and Storm is The Empire Strikes Back of the Grisha Trilogy

Siege and Storm is the second book in The Grisha Trilogy and the follow-up to Bardugo’s very promising debut, Shadow and Bone.  Rest assured there is no sophomore slump.  The second act of a trilogy can be the high point … Continue reading

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February 2021 Month-in-Review

Finally, that interminable, endless, incessant month of February has sputtered to a close.  I have to say—not being able to go anywhere grinds a little bit finer when it is so cold and dark (although at least we are getting … Continue reading

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Shadow and Bone is an Inspired, and Russian-Inspired, Fantasy

Alina, an orphan turned military cartographer, has her life changed forever when her military unit attempts a crossing of the Fold, a mysterious, flesh-eating monster-filled swath of darkness that cuts her home country off from vital sea trade.  The army’s … Continue reading

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January 2021 Month-in-Review

It has been another hectic month in casa del martes, but things are finally settling into a routine of the new, new (new?) normal.  The holidays are over and grandparents have been exorcised from the house.  My new semester has … Continue reading

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Throwback SF Thursday: A Moon Full of Stars by Jon Mollison

There are a lot of different kinds of post-apocalyptic novels, from Fahrenheit 451 to Hiero’s Journey.  Jon Mollison has graced us with a story much more in the spirit of Hiero’s Journey with A Moon Full of Stars.  Rome is … Continue reading

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