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Throwback SF Thursday: Scott Oden Presents The Lost Empire of Sol: A Shared World Anthology of Sword and Planet Tales, edited by Jason M. Waltz and Fletcher Vredenburgh

Can writers today still produce stuff with the verve and the flavor—the outright joy—of the pulp and pulpy tales of yesteryear?  The Lost Empire of Sol is evidence they can.  A collection of otherwise unconnected tales set in a far-future, … Continue reading

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Ranking All of the MCU Movies After Black Widow

A year and a half into the pandemic, only one thing could convince the world that normalcy was set to return: an MCU movie in the theaters.  The MCU is back with a solo Black Widow movie, several months and … Continue reading

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June 2021 Month-in-Review

It’s like Korg said: “Another day, another Doug.”  Only it is another month and another month-in-review post.  It was a, dare I say, normal month, brought to you by science and human ingenuity and a remarkable fast and effective set … Continue reading

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