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The Dark Continent is an Enjoyable, if Unmemorable Entry in the Ubermensch Sub-genre

I picked The Dark Continent up as a comfort read.  An apocalyptic novel in an apocalypse is a funny kind of comfort read, maybe, but that isn’t why I picked it up.  I didn’t pick it up because it is … Continue reading

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Zero Day Brings the Spiderpocalypse to a Satisfying, Terrifying Close

Now complete with book 3, Zero Day, holy shit Ezekiel Boone’s The Hatching series is good.  Boone absolutely fulfills the promise from the first book in the trilogy, The Hatching.  The Spiderpocalypse reaches its endgame and the fate of humanity … Continue reading

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2017 Dragon Awards Ballot

The Dragon Awards, associated with massive multi-media con DragonCon, are in their second year.  Unlike the Nebulas, which limit voting to SFWA members, and the Hugos, which limit voting to WorldCon members, the Dragon Awards open voting to anyone interested.  … Continue reading

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Review of Skitter by Ezekiel Boone

Skitter is the sequel to The Hatching, one of my favorite books from 2016.  The Hatching gave us a spider apocalypse, because getting your face eaten off by zombies just isn’t scary enough.  The Hatching jumps around among a seemingly … Continue reading

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Review of Seveneves by Neal Stephenson

The moon blew up without warning and for no apparent reason. That’s a killer opening line.  And not one that Stephenson ever explains.  This isn’t a book about why the Moon blew up; it’s a book about what humanity decides … Continue reading

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Review of The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone

I recently posted reviews of The Stand by Stephen King and World War Z by Max Brooks.  The first was serendipitous, the second was not, because I read The Hatching but wasn’t ready to get a review up yet.  Ezekiel … Continue reading

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Review of World War Z by Max Brooks

I just finished reading the excellent The Hatching (out today) yesterday.  I hope to have a review up soon.  But really, don’t wait.  The Hatching is phenomenal and you should buy it today.  It reminds me of, but is superior … Continue reading

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Review of The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand is Stephen King’s classic post-apocalyptic (but perhaps not deserving of the label ‘dystopian’) tale with strong supernatural elements.  Humanity is decimated by the accidental release of a United States government-created superflu when a military police officer (Charles Campion) … Continue reading

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Review of CTRL ALT Revolt! by Nick Cole

I published a post on the controversy surrounding CTRL ALT Revolt! on Monday.  I covered a lot of why I loved CTRL ALT Revolt! in that post so I won’t belabor the points here.  But there was a lot I … Continue reading

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