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Wheel of Time TV Show Makes Casting Announcement for 5 of 6 Main Characters

News about The Wheel of Time TV show has been slow these days, but we finally have some real news, and, whew boy, is it big news!  The show announced the casting for Rand al’Thor, Egwene al’Vere, Mat Cauthon, Nynaeve … Continue reading

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2019 Bookish Resolutions Mid-Year Check-In

Last year I made some bookish resolutions . . . and didn’t do great with them.  This year I again made some bookish resolutions, but I tried to be smarter about it this time around.  The big thing I did … Continue reading

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July 2019 Month-in-Review

July was a busy month, reading-wise and real life-wise, if not blog-wise. I spent a (lovely) week and a half in Canada (Calgary and the Canadian Rockies) and came home to a mountain of work and deadlines.  Much of it … Continue reading

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Why the MCU Phase 4 Will Fail . . . And What Marvel Should Do About It

I wasn’t an MCU fan from the get-go.  And I am still not a fanboy.  I was a Marvel kid, but I was far, far more interested in Spider-Man and the X-Men than in the Avengers.  But the MCU earned … Continue reading

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Follow Every Day Should Be Tuesday on Social Media

The best way to follow Every Day Should Be Tuesday is using an RSS reader (I use the G2Reader).  But EDSBT does have a social media presence and you are welcome to and encouraged to follow me elsewhere. Every Day Should … Continue reading

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June 2019 Month-in-Review and Mid-Year-in-Review

After a very hectic May, June provided a more sedate pace.  The rest of the summer should prove even better.  Hopefully two trips to Canada provide plenty of reading time.  I hope to read even more in July and August … Continue reading

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Short Review Roundup – MonsterVerse Movie Edition

Everybody’s got to have a potential cinematic universe.  Some are more welcome than others.  I grew up watching Godzilla movies on Saturday mornings.  I am not about to complain about a Godzilla reboot in an age of CGI riches.  We … Continue reading

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