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April 2021 Month-in-Review

April was one of those where-did-it-go months.  There are months I stay busy, know I’m not reading, and fret all month about it.  April was almost over before I realized with shock I had only finished two books (I squeezed … Continue reading

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Wheel of Time TV Show gets pre-release Greenlight for Season 2

They are being quiet about it, but Amazon has given the greenlight to season 2 of its Wheel of Time show, despite season 1 still shooting, let alone not having aired. Shooting of season 2 is to start immediately after … Continue reading

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Zach Snyder’s Superman Trilogy

It is finally here: something I didn’t know I needed until I watched it.  I had written off Justice League and the DCEU.  I probably never would have watched the Snyder Cut of Justice League but for Godzilla vs. Kong[1], … Continue reading

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March 2021 Month-in-Review

Is that a light we finally see at the end of the tunnel?  March got off to a good start.  The state has me classified as a frontline essential worker, but I wasn’t expecting to get my first dose of … Continue reading

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February 2021 Month-in-Review

Finally, that interminable, endless, incessant month of February has sputtered to a close.  I have to say—not being able to go anywhere grinds a little bit finer when it is so cold and dark (although at least we are getting … Continue reading

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January 2021 Month-in-Review

It has been another hectic month in casa del martes, but things are finally settling into a routine of the new, new (new?) normal.  The holidays are over and grandparents have been exorcised from the house.  My new semester has … Continue reading

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December 2020 Month-in-Review and 2020 Year-in-Review

That . . . was a crazy year.  Not just in the news, with the pandemic and the U.S. presidential election and dozens of events in between that would be worth mentioning in any other year.  It was also a … Continue reading

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Rereading The Great Hunt, chapters 33-36

In which Machin Shin is waiting at Lord Barthanes manor and at Stedding Tsofu (and Rand learns Padan Fain will be waiting for him at Toman Head), Thom faces another tragedy, Fain delivers the Horn to the High Lord Turak, … Continue reading

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October 2020 Month-in-Review

It was a hell of a month.  Finally, after all these weeks, I will be dropping the itinerant hillbilly routine.  We finally got our house in the Rust Belt under contract and have a house in the mountains under contract.  … Continue reading

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Rereading The Great Hunt, chapters 29-32

In which the Seanchan make their appearance, Bayle Doman resurfaces and finds himself in Falme, Rand receives two final party invites, the chest is once again lost, Ingtar finally arrives in Carhien, and the newly reunited party accepts Barthanes’ invitation. … Continue reading

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