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Vintage Science Fiction Month: What The Beastmaster lacks in Fidelity to the Source Material, it makes up for in Weirdness

First things first.  If you’ve read Andre Norton’s The Beast Master—or, better yet, read my review of the same—you should know that the movie adaptation—and it is, technically, an adaptation—has little to do with the book.  Of course, in the … Continue reading

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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions—who needs them!  They mostly deal with boring stuff like diet and exercise.  I only want to talk about books.  So bookish resolutions.  Those are still cool.  So cool I gave you a bonus resolution.  [Now two!  Because … Continue reading

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With The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson Took a Page from Brandon Sanderson

I liked The Last Jedi.  But I didn’t love it.  Or, rather, I loved parts of it and had real issues with other parts (you can find those thoughts in depth here).  Opening up Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, I was … Continue reading

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2018 State of the Blog

2017 was a good year for me and a good year for the blog.  2017 also capped what was, for me, an extraordinarily eventful decade.  A decade that started with the death of my sister.  At the time, I had … Continue reading

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read in 2017

2017 introduced me to a lot of great writers.  Looking back over last year, I am pleased to see the diversity among those writers.  My list splits very evenly among fantasy debuts, indie books, and vintage SF.  This is also … Continue reading

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Top Ten Posts Published in 2017

2017 has been another very good year for the blog.  So I hope you will excuse me if I engage in a bit of blog reflection.  I already posted a book on my 10 favorite books from 2017.  I will … Continue reading

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Top Ten New Releases of 2017

2017 isn’t over!  (I checked.)  There are still 13 reading days left before the New Year.  And I only need to read [checks notes] 14 more books before the end of the year to hit 100.  Okay, so maybe that … Continue reading

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