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2017 Hugo Awards Finalists Announced

UPDATE: I dashed this off as quickly as possible, and forgot a few things.  I’ve added another section to the end. The Hugo Awards finalists have been announced.  You can find the full list here.  Looking over this…yeah, I’m not … Continue reading

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Logan is Wolverine Boiled Down to his Essence

Logan is, without a doubt, the best X-Men movie yet.  And that’s counting Deadpool.  It’s the first nine (!) movies boiled down to their essence.  The two actors and characters at the heart of the movies—Hugh Jackman/Wolverine and Patrick Stewart/Professor … Continue reading

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2017 Hugo Awards Nominations

I almost certainly won’t wind up voting on the Hugos this year.  The number of people nominating and voting on the awards jumped way up, but that hasn’t markedly improved the quality of the finalists.  And it’s clear that a … Continue reading

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Review of APB

I have a review of Death’s End coming, honest!  But I have a LOT to say about it.  In the interim, reading The Forever War and The Demolished Man have my mind turned to science fictional crime fighting.  How well-timed, … Continue reading

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2016 Planetary Awards Nominations

The Planetary Awards are hosted by Planetary Defense Commander.  It is open to all book bloggers, book podcasters, and booktubers.  It has only two categories: shorter stories (under 40,000 words) and longer stories (over 40,000 words).  My nominations are under … Continue reading

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Book Haul Post: Appendix N by Jeffro Johnson

Bursting with critical thought without an outlet, I started writing Amazon reviews six years ago.  The natural constraints of that format began to chafe, and I started this blog over a year and a half ago.  The catalyst was the … Continue reading

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10 Most Popular Posts in 2016

This isn’t a list of my ten best posts in 2016, which I might do, but would prove a much more difficult post to write.  Every Day Should Be Tuesday remains strictly small potatoes, and blog traffic remains subject to heavy … Continue reading

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