Mistborn Opens Sanderson’s Best, and Most Original, Series

I picked up the Mistborn trilogy over the holidays in anticipation of reading Oathbringer.  The bad news is that Mistborn isn’t the Cosmere book tied in most closely to Oathbringer (that, apparently, is Warbreaker).  The good news is that the Mistborn trilogy is the best thing by Sanderson I’ve ever read, and Mistborn itself (also known as The Final Empire) is a damn fine opening salvo that stands on its own better than The Way of Kings.  I also look forward to returning to the later Mistborn books after deciding post-Shadows of Self that I needed to table them until I read the original trilogy.

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Gemmell Awards Shortlist Announced

The Gemmell Awards shortlist has been announced.  Voting on the Gemmell Awards is open to the public.  Voting on the shortlist opened today and closes on Friday, June 1.  The awards will be presented at Edge-Lit 7 on Saturday, July 14.

I read and reviewed a number of works on the shortlist this year.

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Can’t-Wait Wednesday: Wrath of Empire by Brian McClellan

Brian McClellan is one of my favorite new authors from the past several years, and his Powder Mage trilogy is one of my favorite series from the past several years (you can find my review of book 1 here).  McClellan is following up on the Powder Mage trilogy with another series set in the same world that opened with Sins of Empire.  Book 2, Wrath of Empire, comes out on May 15.  The Powder Mage books are set in a world on the brink of an industrial revolution where “powder mages” wield gunpowder-related magic.  It is flintlock fantasy at its finest.

Can’t Wait Wednesday is hosted by Wishful Endings.

UPDATE: I got home from work to some mail that was very well timed.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Moments in The Wheel of Time

The theme for Top Ten Tuesday this week is a freebie.  It has been entirely too long since I’ve done a Wheel of Time post, so I decided to go with the top 10 moments from the series.  Easy, right?  Wrong!  My first draft included 23 moments.  And that wasn’t even including Veins of Gold (sorry, not sorry).  It wasn’t easy whittling it down to just 10.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl.

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Short Review Roundup – Movie Edition, part 3

I got seriously burned out on watching speculative fiction movies for a while.  I’ve still managed to watch plenty in the recent past.  With somewhat mixed results.  Today’s offering brings one (good) serious movie and three pulpy offerings, two of which are great fun.

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Can’t-Wait Wednesday: By Fire Above by Robyn Bennis

One of my very favorite books from last year was The Guns Above by Robyn Bennis.  I was reading it last year around the time I am writing this.  Pictures of excerpts are showing up in my Timehop and they are so. damn. good.  The sequel, By Fire Above, comes out on May 15.  I don’t have a review copy yet and have already begun rigging out my airship for a nighttime raid on the Flatiron building… A few warning salvos were all it took.  My review copy is now in hand.  I think I’m going to have to do a rare reread of The Guns Above before diving in.

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is hosted by Wishful Endings.

By Fire Above is the rip-roaring new adventure in Robyn Bennis’s Signal Airship military fantasy series that Patricia Briggs hails as “full of sass and terrific characters.”

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