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Vintage Science Fiction Month: Science Fiction’s Family Tree

It is almost the most magical time of the year: Vintage Science Fiction Month!  By “almost,” I mean more than three months away, because January is Vintage Science Fiction Month, but it is never too early to start plotting what … Continue reading

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Thick as Thieves is Fun, Pulpy SF Crime Fiction

Thick as Thieves is a pulpy adventure SF tale about a burly soldier-turned-tavern bouncer, Brick, who makes the mistake of agreeing to a simple plan and gets involved over his head in a heist.  Although Lizzi is really telling more … Continue reading

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Short Review Roundup – MonsterVerse Movie Edition

Everybody’s got to have a potential cinematic universe.  Some are more welcome than others.  I grew up watching Godzilla movies on Saturday mornings.  I am not about to complain about a Godzilla reboot in an age of CGI riches.  We … Continue reading

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Throwback SF: Cirsova: Magazine of Thrilling Adventure and Daring Suspense no. 1

I have fallen behind in my Cirsova reading.  With the name change and the change in focus, I decided to jump ahead from the last issue I read (issue no. 3 from volume 1) to the newest issue. Formerly, Cirsova: … Continue reading

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Throwback SF: Jirel of Joiry by C.L. Moore

C.L. Moore’s collected Jirel of Joiry stories suffer from the same problem as her Northwest Smith stories.  Each is spurred by one incandescently brilliant story and one great pulp character—here, Black God’s Kiss and the titular Jirel of Joiry—and feature … Continue reading

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SF: Who Fears the Devil? by Manly Wade Wellman

Originally posted on Hillbilly Highways:
I went to a panel at the WorldCon in San Antonio a few years back on Texas Pulp SF.  Apart from the 800-lb. gorilla in the room, Texans were grossly underrepresented in the pulps.  The…

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Throwback SF: The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane by Robert E. Howard

The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane is my fifth of Del Rey’s eleven collected volumes of Robert E. Howard’s work.  I introduced myself to Howard with the three volumes of Conan stories and then read the collection of his horror … Continue reading

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