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Throwback SF Thursday: Comparing Howard’s The Moon of Skulls and Haggard’s She

I continue to slowly work my way through the Del Rey collection of Howard’s Solomon Kane stories.  One recent story, “The Moon of Skulls,” put me off a bit and led me to pull out one of its inspirations: She … Continue reading

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SF: Krampus: The Yule Lord by Brom

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Richard Kadrey meets Daniel Woodrell. For 1,000 years Santa has kept his dark counterpoint Krampus magically imprisoned, and for 1,000 years Krampus has plotted his revenge.  This Christmas Yule he will get it. Krampus is…

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Robin Hood (2018) Is Made By and For People Who Think History Is Lame

You’ve seen the trailer.  You knew that the latest Robin Hood movie was going to be bad.  It was certain to play loose and fast with the mythology and the history.  That could, in theory, still result in a damn … Continue reading

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No, Robert Jordan Would Not Have Pulled a George R.R. Martin Had He Lived

By “pull a George R.R. Martin,” I mean let his series drag on infinitum while he worked on other stuff.  This post springs from a Twitter debate with Kevin Xu, who put forward that scurrilous proposition.  This aggression will not … Continue reading

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Movies: Braveheart and Outlaw King

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I should really cover more history here.  The history of the Scots-English border region is the history of hillbillies. Netflix’s recently released Outlaw/King starring Chris Pine spurred me to finally pick up my old review…

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A Place For War Completes My All-Time Favorite Zombie Series

Daniel Humphrey’s Z-Day now-complete trilogy is awesome.  I would say it is my favorite all-time zombie series, but I haven’t read all that many zombie series.  Buy, yes, it is my favorite all-time zombie series.  And I don’t have to … Continue reading

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Review of Cold Iron by Miles Cameron

I was a huge fan of Miles Cameron’s Traitor Son Cycle, the first fantasy by an experienced historical fiction writer.  Which reminds me that I really need to pick up some of Cameron’s historical fiction (written as Christian Cameron).  I … Continue reading

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October 2018 Month-in-Review

October was the fifth full month since I started Hillbilly Highways.  To my considerable chagrin, it was also Hillbilly Highways’ worst month for views.  It isn’t awful.  I went back and checked, and my monthly average for my first five … Continue reading

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