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Short Review Roundup – Too Little Time Edition

These books all deserve more attention than I’m giving them.  I want to go on at great length about The Shattered Sigil books and The Dark Forest in particular.  But it has been too long since I read these and … Continue reading

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Throwback SF Thursday: Old Venus, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

I intentionally waited to write about Old Venus until I’d gotten a look at the real thing by reading Pirates of Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Burrough’s Carson of Venus gets namedropped in the jacket copy of Old Venus, along … Continue reading

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Review of Breath of Earth by Beth Cato

Beth Cato’s debut The Clockwork Dagger showed promise.  Its sequel The Clockwork Crown showed improvement.  With Breath of Earth, a steampunk epic fantasy set in a Japanese-dominated alternate 1906 San Francisco, Cato shows she can tell a story with the … Continue reading

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Hugo Awards Postmortem – 2016 Edition

Signs indicated that things were going to get ugly well before last night’s Hugo Awards ceremony.  The Worldcon business meeting passed resolutions moving the deadline to register and nominate from January 31 to December 31 and limiting the eligibility to … Continue reading

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Throwback SF Thursday: Pirates of Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs

One of the high-level changes that separates modern speculative fiction from the old stuff is the balkanization of science fiction among hard science fiction, social science fiction, and adventure fiction.  You know that wasn’t always so, but the brain still … Continue reading

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Review of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

I’ve seen it written of both Noir/Hardboiled and Westerns that the genre died as soon as it became self-aware.  I think we can safely say the same about Grimdark.  I almost DNF’d Nevernight.  It’s not by accident that the only … Continue reading

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Throwback SF Thursday: Cirsova vol. 2

Retro SF instantly became cool when Cirsova burst onto the scene in March with issue #1.  Well, maybe not instantly.  I, for one, didn’t pick it up until a couple weeks ago, advance copy notwithstanding.  And note everyone has quite … Continue reading

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