Why Tuesday?

Is it because Tuesday is Taco Tuesday?  No, every day is taco day.

Is it because in American politics debates and elections are traditionally held on Tuesday?  No, although that is a good reason to drink.

No, Every Day Should Be Tuesday because on Tuesdays come the greatest of all things—new books!  Yes, publishers set aside Tuesday to release most of their new books.

Every Day Should Be Tuesday is first and foremost a venue for review of new speculative fiction books when they are released.  Every Day Should Be Tuesday also features book reviews of previously released speculative fiction books and relevant essays.  Throwback SF Thursday features reviews of vintage and retro speculative fiction.

About H.P.

H.P. is an academic, attorney, and “author” (well, blogger).  He has been a speculative fiction fan since his mother finally convinced him he should read a little book called The Hobbit (he was a pretentious child).  The Wheel of Time sustained him through 20s misspent reading nonfiction and non-speculative fiction.  Now he reads all of the speculative fiction he can get his hands on.

H.P. can be reached at everydayshouldbetuesday at gmail.com.  You can also find him on Twitter and his reviews on Amazon.  You can find every book rated 5 of 5 Stars here.

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  1. Hey, I nominated you for The blogger Recognition Award and The Beautiful Blogger Award! Thanks for your awesome site!


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