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Law & Speculative Fiction Round-up

It’s law IN SPACE.   Who Owns the Stuff in Space? By Emily Calandrelli at TechCrunch This light-hearted story opens up a Pandora’s Box of serious questions regarding the ownership of foreign planetary rocks; both the ones that fell to Earth … Continue reading

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Thinking About the 2016 Hugo Awards – Best Novel part 1

I’m going to try to work my way through as many of the categories as possible, but I’m starting with the big one—Best Novel.  I’ve already read a lot of great speculative fiction novels published in 2015, including several that … Continue reading

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Thinking About the 2016 Hugo Awards – Introduction

It’s almost that time again.  No, it is that time again.  If you want to nominate for the Hugo Awards and you weren’t a member of Sasquan, you need to buy a membership now.  The deadline to nominate is Sunday … Continue reading

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Rey from The Force Awakens, Mary Sues, and the Death of Heroism

I started working just on an omnibus spoiler review of The Force Awakens, to go along with my non-spoiler review, but I kept getting distracted by Internet chatter about Rey, and her supposed Mary Sue-ism.  And other things, which is … Continue reading

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Review of The Drowning Eyes by Emily Foster

The cover to The Drowning Eyes immediately grabbed me when I saw it—the ships and storms crashing in the background, the woman standing against the storm, compass in hand.  I was sold on weather magic.

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Review of Star Wars: Darth Vader vol. 1 by Kieron Gillen

I care more about Leia now, Han was always the cool one, and I identified with Luke at the time, but it was Darth Vader that made Star Wars for me as a kid.   And judging by Volkswagen commercial, it … Continue reading

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Oscar Nominations Announced – Great Year for Speculative Fiction

What a year for speculative fiction movies!  As usual, speculative fiction flicks did well in the technical categories, see, e.g., 4 of 5 nominations for best visual effects, but SF also broke into the big categories for a change.  I say … Continue reading

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