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Vintage SF Month: Lest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague de Camp

Like New Year’s resolutions, Vintage Science Fiction Month ideally should be started in December.  First up for me is a review of L. Sprague de Camp’s Lest Darkness Fall. They had me at double-entry accounting.  Seriously.  The entire reason I … Continue reading

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Rereading The Great Hunt, chapters 33-36

In which Machin Shin is waiting at Lord Barthanes manor and at Stedding Tsofu (and Rand learns Padan Fain will be waiting for him at Toman Head), Thom faces another tragedy, Fain delivers the Horn to the High Lord Turak, … Continue reading

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The Whiskey and Book Club ep. 2 with Jim Cornelius from Frontier Partisans

Originally posted on Hillbilly Highways:
It has been a cruel eight months of waiting, but our long national nightmare is finally over—episode two of the Whiskey and Book Club is up at YouTube.  Joining me for the second episode of…

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The Blade Itself is a Third of a Very Good Book

Joe Abercrombie wrote what is perhaps the landmark initial work in the “grimdark” subgenre in The Blade Itself (especially if you refuse to count A Song of Ice and Fire as grimdark, although I have always found that argument very … Continue reading

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November 2020 Month-in-Review

The pandemic continues to rage, but my life finally regained some level of normalcy in November.  My wife and daughter rejoined Strider and I (experiencing the joy of sharing one bathroom for the week we spent in my apartment).  We … Continue reading

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