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Review of Moonshine vol. 1 by Brian Azzarello

Moonshine is a new comic about a Prohibition-era gangster sent deep into the dark hills of Virginia to recruit a hillbilly moonshiner to work for the organization. If the copy and the silhouette on the back cover don’t clue you … Continue reading

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Review of Steeplejack by A.J. Hartley

I don’t read much YA. If there is much as good as Steeplejack out there, I need to read a lot more. Steeplejack follows a 17-year-old chimney repairer turned private investigator in a fantasy South Africa. The story following her … Continue reading

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Throwback SF Thursday: Leigh Brackett Giveaway

I have been building up my collection of Vintage SF for Throwback SF Thursday by browsing used bookstores and picking up what looks interesting by writers I recognize.  There are disadvantages to that sort of scattershot approach.  That’s how I … Continue reading

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Announcing the Winner of The Guns Above Giveaway

I am happy to announce the winner of The Guns Above giveaway.  The random number generator does not lie.  The winner is Christy Luis of Christy Luis Reviews: Speculative Fiction (Mostly), whose blog hiatus will hopefully be short and sweet. … Continue reading

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Review of The River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey

The River of Teeth has a killer concept. It riffs off a cockamamie scheme to deal with invasive vegetation and a meat shortage in America by importing hippos en masse. In Gailey’s world, Congress went forward with the scheme (at … Continue reading

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Big Read: The Gunslinger – The Way Station

Just one chapter today–The Way Station, the first chapter in part 2, also titled The Way Station–but it’s a big one.   The Story The Gunslinger has left Tull and the hermit behind.  It’s not clear how long, but long … Continue reading

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Throwback SF Thursday: Changa’s Safari by Milton Davis

Teen boys get a bad rap.  David Hartwell sneered that “the Golden Age of Science Fiction is 12.”  John Rogers gibed that “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged.  One … Continue reading

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Big Read: The Gunslinger – Resumption

Welcome to the Big Read of the Dark Tower series!  Today’s post will cover my reaction to reading part one of The Gunslinger, i.e., Resumption.  There was some back-and-forth on Twitter and Facebook about whether I should read the original … Continue reading

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Review of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

So is King Arthur: Legend of the Sword exactly what you were expecting from a Guy Ritchie take on Arthurian legend?  Well, I guess that depends on what you were expecting.  It’s not quite Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels … Continue reading

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Giveaway! The Guns Above by Robyn Bennis

You’ve probably already read my review of The Guns Above and my interview with the author, Robyn Bennis.  You haven’t?  Go do that now! Ok, welcome back.  So now you probably want to read it!  But maybe you are a … Continue reading

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