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Throwback SF Thursday: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Like most people, I imagine, these days, my views of Frankenstein were shaped primarily by the 1931 movie.  Reading the original novel—5 years ago, I believe—was a revelation.  It deserves every bit of its reputation, and it doesn’t deserve to … Continue reading

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A Mini-The Walking Dead Rant

This isn’t so much going to be a review as a quick rant.  I’m trying to make this quick in part because I have a lot to do and in part because I don’t care enough to go on at … Continue reading

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Throwback SF Thursday: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1994)

The 1980s were the best of the times and the…well, mostly they were the best of times.  Then the 90s came.  And they weren’t bad either, all peace dividends and booms after kids in the 80s defeated the Soviet … Continue reading

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Review of Luke Cage Season 1

I was a big fan of Jessica Jones, and a big fan of Mike Colter’s portrayal of Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, so I was very excited about Luke Cage.  And to hear it had aspirations of being a superhero … Continue reading

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Throwback SF Thursday: Monster Squad

Van Helsing totally blew it.  Thankfully, within a hundred years would come a time when kids were better at anything, including hunting monsters.  In a hundred years would come—the Monster Squad. Eminently, eminently, quotable, although it may not be quite … Continue reading

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Review of The Tale of Shikanoko Series Books 2–4 by Lian Hearn

Would that all 4-book series were published this way!  Emperor of the Eight Islands (review here), book 1 in The Tale of Shikanoko, came out on April 26 of this year.  The remaining three books—Autumn Princess, Dragon Child; Lord of … Continue reading

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Throwback SF Thursday: Frankenstein (1931 Movie Version)

I lived for Saturday mornings when I was a kid.  Not for the cartoons, although I watched those.  No, the reason I got up early on Saturday mornings and ran to the road to grab the paper was so I … Continue reading

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