March 2018 Month-in-Review

It has been a very big month for me and the blog—a fitting time for my first month-in-review!  I published nine posts and racked up my fifth-best blog month ever in terms of views.  I learned my three-part essay on Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories was longlisted for the Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards.  I started six books, finished six books, and, after a period of discipline, somehow managed to acquire twelve books (only two ARCs).  But the big news is that our daughter arrived at the end of the month, happy and healthy.  She is already a big fan of The Hobbit.




Top 5 Blog Posts


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7 Responses to March 2018 Month-in-Review

  1. Tammy says:

    Wow, huge congrats on the birth of your daughter! I remember when mine was that little:-)

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  2. Wait til she gets a bit older before you start her on the Walking Dead.

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  3. Bookstooge says:

    Fat angry little Bombur! Of course, she’s lacking in the beard department, so you should probably mention to that to her so she can rectify it. Bearded babies, they’re ALL the rage nowadays 😉

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  4. A massive congratulations!

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