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Review of The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand is Stephen King’s classic post-apocalyptic (but perhaps not deserving of the label ‘dystopian’) tale with strong supernatural elements.  Humanity is decimated by the accidental release of a United States government-created superflu when a military police officer (Charles Campion) … Continue reading

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Short Review Roundup – 2014 Hugo Awards Edition

In an effort to clear my backlog of books I’ve read but not reviewed, I’m posting short review roundups.  I already wrote a post on the best of the 2015 books I read that didn’t get Hugo nominations.  Today’s post … Continue reading

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Review of The Witch of Bourbon Street by Suzanne Palmieri

“Well, I’m sure there are wild tales told all over that try to explain the convoluted nature of our bayous. Stories about alligators eating babies, hoodoo rituals, ghostly Civil War apparitions, racism, and a bunch of old folks sitting on … Continue reading

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Review of Flow by Arlan Andrews

I don’t know if Flow is supposed to be part of a longer story, but it reads like it. Rist comes from a short, Eskimo-like folk living in a frozen land with constant cloud cover. He jumps on a chance … Continue reading

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