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2017 Hugo Awards Finalists Announced

UPDATE: I dashed this off as quickly as possible, and forgot a few things.  I’ve added another section to the end. The Hugo Awards finalists have been announced.  You can find the full list here.  Looking over this…yeah, I’m not … Continue reading

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2017 Hugo Awards Nominations

I almost certainly won’t wind up voting on the Hugos this year.  The number of people nominating and voting on the awards jumped way up, but that hasn’t markedly improved the quality of the finalists.  And it’s clear that a … Continue reading

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Review of Death’s End by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu

With its completion with Death’s End, I can now say that the Remembrance of Earth’s Past is my all-time favorite science fiction series (says the noob of a sci fi fan).  It opens just like you would expect the final … Continue reading

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Non-Spoiler Review of Star Wars: Rogue One

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t amped up about Rogue One.  Not even after how much I loved The Force Awakens.  I had a confidence in the production company’s ability to make a Star Wars film I lacked after the … Continue reading

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Review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I wasn’t originally planning on going to see Batman v Superman.  I’m not a DC guy.  But it’s been doing huge numbers so I grabbed a ticket for a Thursday evening showing.  The theater was mostly empty so maybe the … Continue reading

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