Wheel of Time TV Show gets pre-release Greenlight for Season 2

They are being quiet about it, but Amazon has given the greenlight to season 2 of its Wheel of Time show, despite season 1 still shooting, let alone not having aired. Shooting of season 2 is to start immediately after season 1 finishes shooting. This makes a lot of sense. There are advantages to continuous shooting, especially given the pandemic-related disruptions to shooting season 1 that led to a long gap in filming. But this also signals faith by Amazon executives in the existing work.

Pic from Josha Stradowski of the cast

Adam Whitehead has more over at The Wertzone:

Amazon ordered scripts for Season 2 to be prepared whilst work on Season 1 were going on, allowing production to begin immediately in the event of a greenlight being given. However, the coronavirus pandemic hugely disrupted the shooting of Season 1. Originally planned to run from September 2019 to May 2020, shooting was suspended in March. It did resume in September but was suspended again in November with some scenes still incomplete. Production on Season 1 resumed just a few days ago, meaning that the team could be shooting Season 2 material within a few weeks.
Amazon typically give two-season orders to their new shows as a way of getting ahead of production delays and minimising the gaps between seasons. Assuming Season 2 is not impacted by any interruptions, it should be possible to air (or start airing) Season 1 before the end of 2021, with Season 2 to follow approximately year later.

My official stance is and will remain skepticism until the show proves itself, but this move does tamp down my skepticism a wee bit.

I am rereading the series in anticipation of the show. You can find my Wheel of Time reread posts at The Wheel of Time Reread Index.

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5 Responses to Wheel of Time TV Show gets pre-release Greenlight for Season 2

  1. Andreas says:

    Left to right is Perrin, Rand, Egwene, and Nynaeve, right?
    I‘m just in the middle of rereading TGH (update this weekend) and a little bit hyped for the TV series.

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  2. Bookstooge says:

    I am not having ANY expectations until I actually watch it….

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