September 2019 Month-in-Review

For once, September was a nice, chill, easy month with plenty of time for reading and blogging . . . Ha!  Just kidding.  September was crazy again.  Any pace that allows me to keep up with reading and blogging (and, uh, family time) is sustainable.  no-angel, by the way, started walking this month.  She remains a remarkably dutiful child, is starting to babble, and is the star of her swim class.

It was business as usual around the blogs.  September was a bit of a step back, view-wise, at Every Day Should Be Tuesday, but it was by no means a bad month.  It was also my fifth-best month ever at Hillbilly Highways.

After three straight months finishing nine books, I finished eight books in September.  Not bad for during the semester.  Sadly, Mount TBR isn’t going anywhere.  I picked up an anomalous number of review copies.  (Mount TBR would have gone down but for a review copy of Wes Chu’s Typhoon.)  October will be a good time to polish off that pile of review copies, especially since several are of the spooky variety.  Look for reviews of three Hallowreads this month.


September Reviews


Top 5 Posts at Every Day Should Be Tuesday


Top 5 Posts at Hillbilly Highways


Books acquired


Books started

  • Wrath by John Gwynne
  • Desper Hollow by Elizabeth Massie
  • Heaven, My Home by Attica Locke
  • Dark Forge by Miles Cameron
  • Steel Crow Saga by Paul Krueger
  • Beijing Payback by Daniel Nieh


Books finished


Mount TBR Counter

  • September: +0
  • Year-to-date: +0

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Blogs on books at Every Day Should Be Tuesday (speculative fiction) and Hillbilly Highways (country noir and nonfiction).
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  1. H.P. says:

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  2. Bookstooge says:

    Wrath, eh? I sure hope you’re keeping track of page numbers as well as books. Those massive tomes will sink you quick as the Titanic 🙂

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