Wheel of Time TV Show Makes Casting Announcement for 5 of 6 Main Characters

News about The Wheel of Time TV show has been slow these days, but we finally have some real news, and, whew boy, is it big news!  The show announced the casting for Rand al’Thor, Egwene al’Vere, Mat Cauthon, Nynaeve al’Meara, and Perrin Aybara using language that Rand uses in his final confrontation in A Memory of Light.  If you’ve read my post on the six main characters of The Wheel of Time, you know this is 5 of the 6 main characters.  Only Elayne is left, although her role is somewhat smaller early in the books.  Considering roles early in the books, and with Rosamund Pike announced as Moiraine, the other really big casting announcement left is Lan.

I have little to say about these actors.  I don’t watch enough TV to have a deep knowledge of actors and, as expected, they went with relatively young and unknown actors (I wouldn’t be surprised if they are going for another relatively big name for Lan).  I really can’t judge before seeing footage.  I mean, I still will a bit below, but only after the caveat that I always envisioned Tam as Charles Bronson and Lan as David Hasselhoff.  I’m really not someone whose judgment you should trust is what I’m saying.

Here are the original announcement tweets:

Adam Whitehead from Wertzone has some color pics at his post.  I can’t judge the actors off of anything but looks at this point.  My initial impression is that they are very . . . pretty.  My biggest concern at this point is that they took the Shannara Chronicles route of casting like they were hiring for an Abercrombie ad instead of for people to act in a show.  But, again, I don’t know the first thing about their acting.

Looks-wise, Rand is the most important.  His blue eyes are a plot point early on, and his red hair and height are a significant one later on.  Josha does have red hair in the pic from Wertzone below, and he is 6’2″, which should be tall enough to work.  I couldn’t find any pics that would allow me to determine whether he has an appropriately well-turned calf.

The world of The Wheel of Time is diverse, and in a rather more random way than our world due to the Breaking.  The Two Rivers is a backwater where Rand is literally the only blue-eyed resident, but I suspect they are mostly dropping that aspect.  It is just too important to get the right actors for those five roles.  And Josha does standout a bit visually from the other four.

He and Marcus, who will play Perrin, have very soulful eyes, which is a good sign.  Tiger and Zoë, playing Egwene and Nynaeve respectively, look like they are used to getting their way.  Barney, who will play Mat, looks even more high in the pic posted at Wertzone than he does in the casting announcement pic.  Or, er, that he’s high on that Shadar Logoth dagger.  Or was up all night gambling.

Stay tuned for lots more Wheel of Time news and many more posts!

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10 Responses to Wheel of Time TV Show Makes Casting Announcement for 5 of 6 Main Characters

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  2. One season and gone at best.

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  3. Bookstooge says:

    I am no longer hopeful 😦

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  4. Off The TBR says:

    I’m kinda ambivalent mainly because I’m one of those who managed to read all the books but overall didn’t like them. I’m hoping maybe the show changes how I feel and I might go back to them again but don’t have high hopes.

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  5. My biggest misgivings regarding this series is the inclusion of Rafe Judkins as showrunner: I was a big fan of Chuck. But the tone of Chuck is nothing like Wheel of Time. And I just can’t get into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    I will withhold judgment on the cast until I see them perform and I will hope this isn’t an Amazon production of Shannara. I’m encouraged by Rosalind Pike. I’ve always had a thing for her and she happens to be #2 on my Freebie List, notorized and filed with the Ball and Chain.

    For what it’s worth, I can see Bronson as Tam al’Thor. It’s too bad he passed away. Hasselhoff though? Yeah… I don’t know about that.

    My pick for Tam is and this is going to sound CRAZY: Steve Carrell. Check him out when he looks unmade up, un-geek-ified and unshaven.

    My pick for LAN is Antonio Banderas. I think he has the strong, silent charisma. And he is rumored to be one of the finest natural swordsman ever trained in Hollywood (second only to Viggo Mortenson) by Bob Anderson.


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