In Lieu of a Real Post, Some Action Figures

I am back home, and I have limited internet access. I don’t have time to write a long, substantive post. But I do have a bag full of action figures from when I was a kid. I haven’t seen these in 20+ years. There are several I don’t recognize. But I am looking forward to harassing my wife by decorating the house with them.

Recognize any of the more esoteric figures? Any of these you owned?

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11 Responses to In Lieu of a Real Post, Some Action Figures

  1. Matthew says:

    The rabbit in samurai armor is Miyamoto Usagi from the comic Usagi Yojimbo. Because he crossed over with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a lot he got a figure in their toy line in the 80s.

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  2. pcbushi says:

    Yup, I recognize the MOTU and TMNT. Some of those vintage figures are worth decent money now.

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  3. jilldomschot says:

    Ha ha, I just noticed Orko the ghost from He-Man. Cute collection.

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  4. The tanned and muscled guy on the bottom row is Jitsu of MOTU.

    The blue and red gentleman to his left (our right) is the X-Men villain Mister Sinister.

    The orange and yellow dude above Mister Sinister is Sabretooth. Next to him is Hondo Gecko of TMNT.

    A bit more obvious, I see Doctor Doom (next to Mister Sinister and Sabretooth), Penguin, Riddler, Robin. Gambit, Spider-Man, Venom and Doctor Octopus up top. That green vehicle above Doctor Doom looks like a miniature Scorpion (the Spidey villain) toy but I’m not very familiar with it. I could be wrong.

    Miyamoto/Usagi Yojimbo, Shatterstar, Orko, Skeletor and He-Man have already been named. That He-man is specifically ‘Thunderpunch He-Man’.

    Some are just beyond me: The orange and pink Mohawk guy, The yellow and black beast guy. The battered gentleman in the flat cap. I can’t identify them.

    The two figures that are really annoying me are the black figure with four arms and the guy with the yellow bug eyes and hair/and or antennae, near Orko and Skeletor. I feel like I should know them and I don’t. I have seen them before but…man, it’s driving me crazy. The four armed one looks like it should/could be MOTU; it’s hips are constructed in the same way. Argggghhh!

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