Game of Thrones: Season 3 Review

The great Game of Thrones rewatch in anticipation of the final season continues!  Traveling for a week and a half put me way behind, but I’m back home and back on track now.  Season 3 may be the best single season of Game of Thrones, even if it does suffer some from only covering part of A Storm of Swords.

Season 3 is good but not perfect.  The seasons-long Theon torture porn sequence continues and Robb’s unnecessary romantic sequence continue.  We get the intro of Ramsay Snow, who will be Game of Thrones’ main character for the next four seasons.  We also see the introduction of new character Locke, who is a good reminder that the TV writers’ additions are almost always not only inferior to Martin’s creations but significantly so.

The Tyrells are a welcome addition.  Jaime starts to come into his own as a character the series will rely heavily on from here on out.  After a terrible plotline for Dany in season 2 (DANY YELLS A LOT), season 3 serves up one of the best scenes in the entire season—and it serves it up in episode 4.  Ciaran Hinds as Mance Rayder is a highpoint.

But the moment that casts a long shadow over everything else is the Red Wedding.  The show does justice to the scene that made me throw my copy of A Storm of Swords across my then-girlfriend’s living room when I read it back in 2011.

My view before the season aired was that they needed to pull in the Purple Wedding as well as the Red to give the audience some catharsis.  The season works without the Purple Wedding better than I thought it would, but season 3 still suffers from too many hanging storylines.

We get more dragon and ice zombie action, but I still want more!

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  1. My first exposure to the show was walking into my parents’ house right as the red wedding scene came on the TV.

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