September 2018 Month-in-Review

September was a hectic month with the start of the new semester.  I actually did okay reading, as I finished six books.  But I also started seven and acquired seven.  And I have been in kind of a weird reading slump.  I’ve been reading, but I haven’t been super motivated to pick up the next book.  I want to pick up a new book, I just don’t have any clear motivation for what is next.  I did finally decide that Dracula will be by Halloween read, so you can expect at the very least a post on the book in October.  I may also do one or more Dracula movie posts.

It wound up being a slow month for Every Day Should Be Tuesday after wrapping up Tolkien 101.  Between taking a breather after closing that major undertaking and shifting more attention to Hillbilly Highways, posting here was limited, and it showed in my numbers.  Hillbilly Highways, though, had its best month ever.  Overall numbers are still far lower, but my top two posts at Hillbilly Highways actually beat out my top two posts at Every Day Should Be Tuesday.

I’ve also been busy teaching no-angel the finer points of artillery




Top 5 Posts at Every Day Should Be Tuesday


Top 5 Posts at Hillbilly Highways


Books acquired


Books started


Books finished

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Blogs on books at Every Day Should Be Tuesday (speculative fiction) and Hillbilly Highways (country noir and nonfiction).
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4 Responses to September 2018 Month-in-Review

  1. pcochrun says:

    I think you will really like Ohio. But no pressure, ha!

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  2. Off The TBR says:

    Grady Hendrix is gonna be at a book festival in Cincinnati later this month and I’m thinking about going just to get a signed copy.

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