9/11 and the Problem with “Millennials”

It being the anniversary of 9/11, I have a post up over at the other blog using 9/11 to demonstrate the weaknesses of lumping people together into generational cohorts.

No review post today, but I should get a review of Vol. 30 of The Walking Dead up tomorrow (probably my only post here this week – all of the action is at Hillbilly Highways).

Hillbilly Highways

Some demographers—who are wrong—erroneously label me a Millennial.  I prefer Generation X.  Or at least the Oregon Trail Generation.  I would demand satisfaction, but some from my cohort would acquiesce.  And demographers are like cockroaches.  You catch one out in the open, you can bet another ten are scurrying down the halls of some dank, outdated academic building.

On the other end of the range, some demographers extend the definition of Millennial to cover people born as late as the early 2000s.  Pew uses 1981 to 1996.

As my thoughts turn again to 9/11, I am reminded of the limitations of grouping people by generational cohorts.  I was in college during 9/11.  I am teaching Millennial college students who may have no conscious memory of 9/11.  Can we really fairly be categorized together?

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