Can’t-Wait Wednesday: Like the Wind by Justin Knight

My pick for this week is the recently released Like the Wind by Justin Knight.  Like the Wind is Knight’s homage to anime, a homage packed action and gore.  Like the Wind is the first book in a trilogy and features internal art (you can see some here).  Knight is the author of Praxis, Furman Simms and the Problem Princess, and Darkest Before Dawn.

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A young girl on the run. A cop searching for answers. A city about to be slaughtered.

The Tear Drop.
A destructive power lost for decades.
It is desired by the evillest and sought after by the cruellest.

The hunt for this power has drawn a wicked and merciless hunter to the city of Otomo Bay, determined to unleash a horror like no other. She will slaughter men, women, and children without mercy in the quest for that which her master seeks.

The fight for survival will be brutal. A group of city cops must face off against the evil with countless lives caught in the middle. Cut off from the outside world, they will fight to survive and try to escape the wave of death before they join the rising body count.

Like the Wind was released on August 16 and is available at Amazon.

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4 Responses to Can’t-Wait Wednesday: Like the Wind by Justin Knight

  1. StackingMy BookShelves says:

    Sounds interesting and I love the cover!

    Mary my CWW!

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