Review of The Dream of the Iron Dragon by Rob Kroese

“Don’t get me wrong, there are worse ways to go out than holding off a Viking horde with a railgun, but it’s not a long-term strategy.”

The Dream of an Iron Dragon has such a fun premise: 23rd Century humans (accidently) travel into the past and crash land in 10th Century Norway.  It is more a hard science fiction story than Poul Anderson’s The High Crusade or the quote above suggests.

The Dream of an Iron Dragon is a finalist in the alternative history category for the Dragon Awards and is well worth your vote.  Voting registration closes on Friday and voting on Saturday.

The only real problem with The Dream of an Iron Dragon is the expectations game.  The copy pretty well lays out the game, but things move slow.  It is a story that will play out over the course of the three-book series.  Luckily the second book is already out and the third book will be out in December.

The spacemen don’t even get to the earth-past until a third of the way through the book.  I would read the hard science fiction book that the first third of the book starts.  And I guess I did, because, for all the alternative history and Vikings trappings, this is still a hard science fiction book.  And it is a very, very good one.  The man knows his craft.

It isn’t all mowing down Vikings with railguns, but this is a fun book with some great action set pieces.  The Vikings are presented with considerable depth.  Even minor characters are fully formed.

I haven’t been this excited to read the second book in a series in a long time.

5 of 5 Stars.


Disclosure: Kroese sent me a review copy of Dream of the Iron Dragon.

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7 Responses to Review of The Dream of the Iron Dragon by Rob Kroese

  1. Need to get to some of Kroese’s work. May have to start with this one. Great review!

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  2. pcbushi says:

    Any other authors or stories you’d draw a comparison to? I loved the High Crusade, but sounds like there’s only a surface-level similarity there.

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  3. I voted for this one. Definitely worth the read.

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