New Fiction from Cirsova and Sky Hernstrom

Cirsova Magazine has four days left on its Kickstarter for issues 9 and 10.  Cirsova doesn’t mess around–issues 9 and 10 are paid for, but successful funding will allow the next issues to happen.  Cirsova is one of the best things to happen in the semiprozine and heroic fantasy space in the last several years.  There has been a minor boom in pulpy semipromags in the last few years.  Cirsova captures the spirit of Appendix N better than the rest.

Check out my reviews of issues one, two, and three.

You can learn more about the Kickstarter, including some new fancy pledge options here. (Ready to dive into Cirsova for the first time, but to really dive in?  You can pledge $100 and get a complete softcover set, or $350 and get a complete hardcover set.)  You can find the Kickstarter itself here.

My favorite writer from the first three issues of Cirsova is Schuyler Hernstrom.  He is a modern day Jack Vance.  More than any other writer he turned me on to the joys of old-school fantasy.  In the bad old days, if you wanted to read Sky you needed to buy his collection Thune’s Vision or pick up a copy of Cirsova.

No longer!  Sky has two new stories up at Amazon.  You can learn more about them here.  Mortu and Kyrus in the White City is a novella featuring “a warrior and a monk embarked on a grand quest across a strange and dangerous world” with “touches of Robert E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, and Jack Vance.”  You can buy it now from Amazon.

The Law of Wolves is a short story and a “dark fairy tale about a young woman caught between the world of man and the world of wolves.”  You can buy it now from Amazon.

I’m really looking forward to diving into these stories!


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  1. jeffro says:

    Mortu and Kyrus are so awesome. What are you waiting for? READ IT NOW!!!!!

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  2. Cirsova says:

    Reblogged this on Cirsova.


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