State of the ARC: February

State of the ARC is a meme hosted by Avalinah’s Books.  The idea being to publicly shame ourselves as book bloggers for our paltry progress reading and reviewing all of the ARCs that accumulate.  I last joined in November.  At that time, I had a crazy backlog of very recent ARCs.  So how did I do?  You will have to read on to find out.  I have a Tolkien series to get to, but I have a hard time turning down ARCs.  They are precious to me.


Read and Reviewed (November ARCs) – 11

That’s right. I managed to clear out my ARCs from my November update.  Not just that, but I managed to do so by mid-December.  Which isn’t to say I couldn’t and shouldn’t do better.  Most of those books were released well before I reviewed them.


Read and Reviewed (post-November ARCs) – 2


Read but not Reviewed – 0

Woot woot!  Well, no ARCs read but not reviewed, that is.


Currently Reading – 1


Unread and Unreviewed (Published) – 1

(We will continue to ignore that giant stack of old ARCs.)


Unread and Unreviewed (Unpublished) – 2


Not Yet In My Grubby Little Hands – 3

About H.P.

Blogs on books at Every Day Should Be Tuesday (speculative fiction) and Hillbilly Highways (country noir and nonfiction).
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2 Responses to State of the ARC: February

  1. Love the GIF usage 😀
    Congrats on the 11! That’s a lot of ARCs!
    Gunpowder Moon seems like an interesting one, although I can’t remember if I’ve been denied for that one, or did I just decide to not request xD
    I have been requesting less lately 🙂 seems like you’re doing okay though! I’ve still got a terrible backlog xD

    Liked by 1 person

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