State of the ARC: November

State of the ARC is a meme hosted by Avalinah’s Books.  The idea being to publicly shame ourselves as book bloggers for our paltry progress reading and reviewing all of the ARCs that accumulate.  Ok, let’s start by going to NetGalley and seeing how many ARCs total I have listed as approved and not reviewed . . . ah, let’s just skip that.  In a rare common fit of madness, I requested (and received) a truly obscene number of ARCs scheduled for release between September and November.  By my count, eleven books (twelve, if you count Some Dark Holler, released on August 28).  I got a bunch of those months in advance, which means I could have started reading them in time to actually be ready to keep up with the releases came.  Or at least a more responsible blogger could have.  I was other occupied this summer.


Read and Reviewed – 5

I feel a little better looking at these five books, even if it did take me two months to get those five books read and reviewed.  You can find links to each review at the thumbnail above.  Notably, two of those books (Paperbacks From Hell and Future War) are nonfiction, a rarity around here.  The Rage of Dragons is an indie (less rare, especially these days), and Blackwing is a debut (2017 has been a great year for fantasy debuts).  The Fall of Dragons concludes one of my all-time favorite series.


Pages Read – 1,824

Words Written – 5,590

Average Rating – 4.1


Read but not Reviewed – 2

At least I’m not letting books sit unreviewed forever.  The thumbnails above link to the books’ respective Amazon pages.  I finished A Plague of Giants a few days ago and hope to get my review up tomorrow (UPDATE: it’s up!).  According to Goodreads, I spent over a month “reading” The Tiger’s Daughter, but I was only 20% through the book.  I decided to DNF it this weekend.  I will post a DNF review, but I may bump it back to post instead on . . .


Currently Reading – 1

Oh hey, I’m only reading one (fiction) book at the nonce!  This is very unlike me.  I am enjoying The Tethered Mage, even if it reminds me from time to time of why I don’t read much YA.


And now for the real shame . . .


Unread and Unreviewed – 3

I feel vaguely better looking at that number now.  Less so when I look at the actual books and remember two are already out.  And my greatest shame is that, not only have I not started reading A Place Called Hope, I still haven’t posted a review of A Place Outside the Wild (it’s awesome, go read it now).  Siege Line is another series finisher, and The Hidden Face is the third indie book from this stack of ARCs.


There you have it.  Feel free to return to shame me for continued paltry progress at your convenience.

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12 Responses to State of the ARC: November

  1. I’m so glad you’re joining in! Misery does love company after all 😉 seriously though, it’s interesting to see how many books other bloggers are juggling!

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  2. Bookstooge says:

    A True, Pure Blooded, Book Blogger would commit seppuku in the face of these numbers.
    Let me know if you need a second to cut your head off…
    ’cause that’s what friends are for 😉

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  3. S. C. Flynn says:

    Progress has been made, at least!

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  4. Oh come on, you only have three unread 😀 remember my stack!

    I also think it’s really easy to get carried away with September-November releases, cause it seems there are so many of them? I also don’t have that many for the upcoming months, so I think we’ve passed the tide. Which is good. Now to only deal with all the *ancient* copies.

    Thanks for joining 🙂

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    • H.P. says:

      The pile used to be a lot bigger! And this is only ARCs from a three month period. I have several dozen unread ARCs that have accumulated over the last several years.

      Traditional publishers won’t schedule any big releases for December or even November because they will miss the Christmas rush. I agree it is a nice time to catch up. I have these ARCs, then I’m going to get to two or three of the top fantasy release from 2017 (such a great year!), and then finally reread Tolkien. Oh, and read Oathbringer. it will be a busy holiday season.


      • Catch up sounds amazing, but now I have my doubts 😀 I made an ARCs spreadsheet yesterday… as many as I’ve been reading my number doesn’t seem to diminish -.- I think I just request too much… grah. I’m stuck on like 98 and that’s that. What are your fantasy ones you mentioned?


  5. pcbushi says:

    Doubtless a dumb question, but what is an ARC?

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