Rat Queens is always at its best when it’s having fun

The strengths of Rat Queens is the interpersonal dynamics among the group, the dungeon crawls/monster-killing quests, and poking fun at both modern life and D&D murder hobo propensities.  Volume 4 has a lot of that, and it is all enormously fun.

Rat Queens has never been very good at family drama.  Unfortunately, I find Violet’s brother as annoying as she does.  But, thankfully, he plays only a small role, leaving plenty of time for the more entertaining adventuring.

Rat Queens Volume 4 sees the Rat Queens back in Palisade trying to get back into the adventuring groove.  Braga—orc bruiser—has joined the Rat Queens, and most of the other adventurers in town are either dead or cultists (tentacles from the sky is great for cult recruiting).  Violet’s brother Barrie is in town and has started a group of his own, and a group of cult hunters arrives in town, but the focus is on the Rat Queens’ adventures.  Oh, and Dee has a book Hiking: The Ranger Way that is changing her life with useful advice like: don’t wear high heels to go hiking.  (Dee and the ranger book is my favorite ongoing joke from this volume.)

There is a particularly fun fight with a kaiju-sized goose in the first issue that is both action-packed and very funny (mainly courtesy of a smidgen gut merchant who lives inside of the goose, selling mostly the bones of other adventurers.

Volume 4 has a different artist (again).  He isn’t bad, although he annoyed me with some of the faces he drew (mostly of Hannah).

4 of 5 Stars.

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3 Responses to Rat Queens is always at its best when it’s having fun

  1. Cirsova says:

    While I liked the premise of Rat Queens, Vol 1 really rubbed me the wrong way, suffering from “a dude trying way too hard to write women characters as edgy, liberated progressive types” syndrome. Does that get any better?

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    • H.P. says:

      Wiebe never pulls off the gravitas to write effective drama. He is much, much better at the fun stuff. I choose to read Rat Queens as a lighthearted romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously and takes the piss out of every trope it uses, at least a little bit.

      And I like it from that perspective. On the other hand, Wiebe never tries to pretend his characters aren’t deeply flawed, which keeps them grounded as characters and at the very least prevents the serious stuff from getting too ponderous.


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