Review of The Walking Dead, Vol. 28: A Certain Doom by Robert Kirkman

I am on record with my complaints about Volume 27: The Whisperer War.  I will leave those complaints to that volume.  The setup is screwy, but what we get here—the execution?  Oh man!  Our fearless heroes survived the immediate threat in Volume 27 but in A Certain Doom face the largest herd of walkers any of them have ever seen, a veritable ocean of walkers.

A Certain Doom collects comics #163-168.

This volume is heavily devoted to combating the walker attack—edge-of-your-seat, hold-your-breath, don’t-so-much-as-pause-take-a-drink-of-water action.  I usually read each volume the night it shows up in the mail, but this one I absolutely blasted through.

Which isn’t to say that Kirkman doesn’t know when to put on the brakes and allow for some reflection.  And he manages to be damned moving in doing so.  There are deaths.  Everyone never gets out of this alive.  But we have one of our biggest deaths in quite some time.

I haven’t been a fan of how Negan has been handled post-All Out War.  But I’m starting to come around—Kirkman is starting to do something with Negan that is unexpected.

I remain a big fan of the art in The Walking Dead, but a few pages were filled with endless thumbnail squares that created an effect that was a bit confused (by design, I think, but it didn’t entirely work for me.

5 of 5 Stars.

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