Throwback SF Thursday: Leigh Brackett Giveaway

I have been building up my collection of Vintage SF for Throwback SF Thursday by browsing used bookstores and picking up what looks interesting by writers I recognize.  There are disadvantages to that sort of scattershot approach.  That’s how I wound up with two collections of Leigh Brackett’s The Secret of the Sinharat and People of the Talisman.  One is a Ballantine edition titled Eric John Stark: Outlaw of Mars.

The other is an Ace Double.  If you don’t know about the Ace Double, Ace used to package pairs of novellas and sell them as slim single volumes.  One starts on one cover.  Flip the volume over and the other novella starts from the other cover.

My mistake is your gain!  I really don’t need two copies of these stories, but they are way too good to keep to myself (review to follow).  So I’m giving away the edition of the winner’s choice.  What do you need to do for a chance to win?

Ok, first the ways to enter:

  • Comment on this post.
  • Like the EDSBT Facebook page.
  • Retweet this Tweet.

More rules:

  • However you enter, make sure I have some way to get a hold of you.  E.g., if you enter by Retweet, make sure I can DM you.  Maybe this means you should follow me on Twitter.  You should follow me on Twitter.
  • Giveaway ends on Monday, June 5th.
  • Due to the costs of international shipping, unfortunately this is a US only giveaway. Fingers crossed for that coveted 51st state slot in the future, though!
  • Feel free to say which edition you want and why, but this is not a requirement.


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5 Responses to Throwback SF Thursday: Leigh Brackett Giveaway

  1. Tomas says:

    Covering all bases on this one! You can contact me by email, which should be visible through my WordPress Account, but also through Twitter DM (@tomasdiaz88).

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  2. My first exposure to Eric John Stark was the Skaith trilogy. I had to go back and read the decades earlier stuff later.

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  3. T. Everett says:

    From what I’ve heard of the Ace Doubles series, I’m a little surprised that there’s one with both stories by the same author. Mighty generous of you to give it away, in any event.

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  4. Great idea to turn lemons into lemonade. Good luck to all other entries!

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