Big Read: The Gunslinger – The Way Station

Just one chapter today–The Way Station, the first chapter in part 2, also titled The Way Station–but it’s a big one.


The Story

The Gunslinger has left Tull and the hermit behind.  It’s not clear how long, but long enough for the Gunslinger to run out of water and nearly die from dehydration.  He finally comes on two wind- and sand-beaten buildings.  And a lone figure!  Finally, the Gunslinger has caught up with the Man in Black.  He almost kills him before realizing that it isn’t the Man in Black who stands before him, but a boy.  He collapses from dehydration and sun stroke almost immediately after.  When he comes to, the boy offers him water.  The Gunslinger asks who he is.  The boys responds that his name is John Chambers, but “you can call me Jake.”

Wait, WHAT!?  I don’t really understand, or want to understand, yet, how the Dark Tower movie fits in with the Dark Tower series.  But my thinking was that by pulling in Jake, they were pulling in an element from well later in the series.  This dramatically changes how I think about this book.  And Jake’s subsequent explanations to the Gunslinger, mentioning things like Times Square and bookbags and so forth, make clear that he is from our world.  This also at least partially answers the question of the relationship between the world of the Gunslinger and our world.  It’s more parallel dimension than post-apocalyptic future.


Where I’m Reading


What I’m Drinking

Bourbon.  Makers Mark, specifically.



The Gunslinger hypnotizes Jake with a bullet.  Close enough.


Monstrous Compendium

No additions unless Jake counts.



I gave most of my reaction above.  This really does change how I think about the book.  But what that means will have to wait until I’ve read more.  Until I see how Jake and the Gunslinger interact and what happens next.

The prose and the language is still odd, but it’s growing on me.  It has an almost hypnotic quality here (fitting, what with the Gunslinger using a bullet to hypnotize Jake and all).


Closing Thoughts

After a week spent moving, things are finally starting to settle down.  I’ll try to make my next post a big one.


You can find all of my Dark Tower Big Read posts here.

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  2. searchingfordragonsblog says:

    I don’t want to bias you so I’ll wait till your done until I give you my opinion on the series.

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