Big Read: The Gunslinger – Resumption

Welcome to the Big Read of the Dark Tower series!  Today’s post will cover my reaction to reading part one of The Gunslinger, i.e., Resumption.  There was some back-and-forth on Twitter and Facebook about whether I should read the original or revised edition of The Gunslinger, but I went with the revised edition for the expedient reason that that was all that I had.  I apologize if this post is a bit short; I’m in the middle of moving.


The Story

“The man in Black fled across the Desert, and the Gunslinger followed.”

And so it begins.  We get some flight across the black hardpan, but a good part of this book is took up by a flashback.  The gunslinger meets a hermit with a long shock of strawberry hair and tells the awful story of Tull, passed through by the gunslinger some time before.

The gunslinger picks up with a woman and inexplicably hangs out a few days until the trap he knew the Man in Black left for him is sprung and he has to kill the entire town as they attack him in a fit of madness.


Where I’m Reading


What I’m Drinking

I read Resumption while I was on the Redneck Riviera.  So I mostly drank Budweiser.  When in Rome.



The Man in Black lays a magical trap for the Gunslinger.  He also brings a guy back from the dead.  The Gunslinger does a little magic of his own with his guns.


Monstrous Compendium

We get a glimpse of a bird-headed man.



I said very little in my exposition, because most of what I have to say is reaction.  Tull is in many ways an off-the-shelf Western town.  And it’s not terribly interesting for the first stint the gunslinger does there.  And why?!  The Man in Black is making ground and the gunslinger lingers.  It is all, of course, a setup for the insanity at the end.

This is all a reminder that Stephen King is a funny sort of horror writer, writing a lot of things that wouldn’t be classified so in a post-horror bubble age, but he’s a horror writer nonetheless.  The final, horrific scene in Tull works much more as a horror set piece than as an action set piece.

I enjoyed it.  It punched me in the gut.  But maybe tell me a bit more about what’s happening, King?


Closing Thoughts

I actually read this a little over a week ago, but I put the book down until I could write up this post.  I’ve definitely been chomping at the bit to keep going, but not enough to get me to write this post any earlier.  Next up is the The Way Station.  There are five of this “books” in my edition of The Gunslinger: Resumption, The Way Station, The Oracle and the Mountains, The Slow Mutants, and The Gunslinger and the Man in Black.  I will try to post in book blocs, although I will probably switch to doing a couple books at a time (Resumption was a bit longer than the others).

I’m not yet sure what I think of all the slang King uses.  There have been references to the mid-world, etc., and a lot of references to things we know, but it’s not clear yet where the story takes place.

So what do you think of the opening of the Dark Tower series?  Comment below, but remember, no spoilers for anything that comes after Resumption!


You can find all of my Dark Tower Big Read posts here.


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2 Responses to Big Read: The Gunslinger – Resumption

  1. Bookstooge says:

    I read the first book and never tried another Dark Tower book. I hope you have a better time than me 🙂

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  2. searchingfordragonsblog says:

    I think it’s an interesting idea at the start. I could not make it past Drawing of the Three.

    Liked by 1 person

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