Giveaway! The Guns Above by Robyn Bennis

You’ve probably already read my review of The Guns Above and my interview with the author, Robyn Bennis.  You haven’t?  Go do that now!

Ok, welcome back.  So now you probably want to read it!  But maybe you are a poor (hey, we’ve all been there).  Lucky for you, Tor Books was kind enough to send me a hardcover copy, and I am giving it away.  What do you need to do for a chance to win?  See below.  What should you do if you win?  Well, read the book, obviously.  A book left unread is like a pupper left unpetted.

Just looking for a petting.

What else should you do?  After you’ve read The Guns Above, please consider leaving a review, on Amazon, on Goodreads, on your own blog, on a billboard, wherever.  Even if you hate it because it’s “too awesome and has too many explosions and airships,” say that.  Amateur reviews are how people find books these days.  If you read something, say something!

Ok, first the ways to enter:

  • Comment on this post.
  • Like the EDSBT Facebook page.
  • Retweet this Tweet.

More rules:

  • However you enter, make sure I have some way to get a hold of you.  E.g., if you enter by Retweet, make sure I can DM you.  Maybe this means you should follow me on Twitter.  You should follow me on Twitter.
  • Giveaway ends on Friday, May 19th.
  • Due to the costs of international shipping, unfortunately this is a US only giveaway. Fingers crossed for that coveted 51st state slot in the future, though!

More about The Guns Above:

In the tradition of Honor Harrington and the high-flying Temeraire series, Bennis’s THE GUNS ABOVE is an adventurous military fantasy debut about a nation’s first female airship captain.

They say it’s not the fall that kills you.

For Josette Dupre, the Corps’ first female airship captain, it might just be a bullet in the back.

On top of patrolling the front lines, she must also contend with a crew who doubts her expertise, a new airship that is an untested deathtrap, and the foppish aristocrat Lord Bernat, a gambler and shameless flirt with the military know-how of a thimble. Bernat’s own secret assignment is to catalog her every moment of weakness and indecision.

So when the enemy makes an unprecedented move that could turn the tide of the war, can Josette deal with Bernat, rally her crew, and survive long enough to prove herself?

Skip the wait and forsake the hands of fate and just go ahead and buy it at Amazon.

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4 Responses to Giveaway! The Guns Above by Robyn Bennis

  1. Nathan says:

    I do not need another copy but I would think that others should be jumping for joy at this opportunity! This book was FUN.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bookstooge says:

    Sounds like a plan…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christy Luis says:

    Who could say no to airships and explosions? Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. bewarne says:

    I have been checking Amazon everyday to see if there is a special on this book since it sounds fascinating. I retweeted and liked the Facebook account before leaving this comment. If I win and you say so in this comment section, I should be notified by email as I have checked those boxes. Around most of the web (except for Facebook as someone got to that one before me) I am bewarne. I really, really think I want to read this book and have asked my library to buy it, etc. Thanks for the chance of winning this!

    Liked by 1 person

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