Book Haul Post: The Plague of Swords Edition

UPDATE: My review has now been posted.

I’m in the middle of an eight day stretch during which I will take 11 flights and I have a shuttle scheduled to leave for an airport in 10 minutes (not sure which, at this point), so no substantive post today.  But I am taking advantage of all of that plane time to do a little leisure reading.  To that end I finally–it’s been out three weeks!–picked up The Plague of Swords by Miles Cameron.  If you’re not reading Cameron’s The Traitor Son Cycle, start.  It’s the best fantasy series ongoing right now (and, yes, that includes A Song of Ice and Fire).


The Plague of Swords is book 4 in The Traitor Son Cycle (scheduled to run 5 books, I think).  My reviews of The Red Knight, The Fell Sword, and The Dread Wyrm are here, here, and here, respectively.  (My review of The Dread Wyrm has been Every Day Should Be Tuesday’s single most popular book review by a wide margin.)  Love A Song of Ice and Fire but could maybe use a little less grimdark and a little more deep historical context?  The Traitor Son Cycle has that in spades.  Cameron is better known for his historical fiction (published as Christian Cameron) and it shows.  But that doesn’t stop him from throwing in knights wielding hermetical magic, a Wild full of every sort of monster and humanoid you could imagine, and godlike dragons.

The Plague of Swords opens with our heroes facing both a magical plague that threatens to kill them all and the introduction of a new enemy–one who seizes control of human bodies by burrowing through their eyes with little gray worms (sleep tight!).  I’m about halfway through and it is every bit as good as the first three books in the series.  Buy it!

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