Sad Puppies 4 – The List

The fourth Sad Puppies iteration has its full list of recommendations up (full list here), a little late in the game, IMO.  It’s a very diverse group of nominees, but of course you could have said that about the Sad Puppy recs last year (people chose to say the opposite).  It’s a longer list this year, with ten recommendations given for every category, and the full list of recs available in a Google Doc.

Pictured: actual sad puppy

Pictured: actual sad puppy

Best Novel was the most popular category, with 132 works recommended.  The top 10 recs were all recommended over 10 times.

I don’t have a lot of time left to read many more works, but there are a few listed here that are worth picking up.  I want to read Honor at Stake by Declan Finn.  I plan to read Saga vol. 5 (should we just pencil Saga in for a Hugo nom every year at this point?).  It’s probably worth my time to look up a few of the shorter works.  I should probably watch Predestination.

A few thoughts on the works I have consumed:  I’ve only read two of the Best Novel recs (although I do own The Cinder Spires).  Uprooted is the most perfect fantasy novel I’ve read since A Game of Thrones, maybe since Lord of the Rings.  So, yeah, it’s going to be on my list.  Seveneves is bloody brilliant, but also flawed.  In a great year for spec fic novels, I think it’s going to just miss the cut for a nomination from me.  Two other novels I’ve talked about–Saturn Run and Sorcerer to the Crown–pop up in the top 40 Best Novel recs.

Andy Weir originally published The Martian in 2011, but it was only professionally published in 2014.  John Sandford has published several books, but I think Saturn Run is his first spec fic.  The Campbell Award only counts professional published works of science fiction and fantasy, so both should be eligible (Weir is on the long list of eligible authors at Writertopia; Sandford is not).  I’m disappointed The Politics of Star Trek/How Star Trek Explains the Decline of Liberalism by Timothy Sandefur didn’t get more love.  Surely it’s only because not enough people have read it.

Sad Puppies 4 Best Novel recs:

Best Novel

  • Somewhither – John C Wright
  • Honor At Stake – Declan Finn
  • The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass – Jim Butcher
  • Uprooted – Naomi Novik
  • A Long Time Until Now – Michael Z Williamson
  • Seveneves – Neal Stephenson
  • Son of the Black Sword – Larry Correia
  • Strands of Sorrow – John Ringo
  • Nethereal – Brian Niemeier
  • Ancillary Mercy – Ann Leckie

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