Speculative Fiction Movies I’m Excited About for 2016

Basically Hollywood is banking entirely on my childhood, with nostalgia trips like Batman v. Superman, X-Men Apocalypse, TMNT, Warcraft, Independence Day: Resurgence, Ghostbusters, Gambit, and Rogue One.  I would really prefer fantasy (hence the presence of The Huntsman: Winter’s War and Warcraft despite misgivings) but there aren’t more and better SF movies right now than the superhero flicks.  I have seven on my list.

X-Men Apocalypse poster


Deadpool (Feb. 12)

Batman v. Superman (March 25)

The Huntsman: Winter’s War (April 22)

Captain America: Civil War (May 6)

Captain America Civil War poster

X-Men Apocalypse (May 27)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (June 3)

Warcraft (June 10)

Warcraft poster

Independence Day: Resurgence (June 24)

Ghostbusters (July 15)

Bourne 5 (July 29)

Suicide Squad (August 5)

Gambit (October 7)

Doctor Strange (November 4)

Doctor Strange poster

Rogue One: A Stars Wars Story (December 16)

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