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Book Releases I’m Excited About for February, March, and April

I’m trying to get through a last handful of books in the next couple of months before Hugo nominations close, but I’m very excited about some of the books coming out in the next few months.

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Review of The Divine by Boaz Lavie

I was all about Spider-Man and the X-Men as a kid, but now that I’ve rediscovered comics as an adult, I’m trying to broaden my horizons.  To that end, I suppose The Divine qualifies as my first manga-style comic.  I … Continue reading

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Review of The Autumnlands, Vol. 1: Tooth and Claw by Kurt Busiek

The Autumnlands is weird.  And I love it.  It’s old school, pulpy stuff: walking, talking animals, magic, floating cities and airships, walking chairs, gigantic winged insects as mounts, and a time-traveler from the past with scifi implants.  It’s all very … Continue reading

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Review of Star Wars: Darth Vader vol. 2 by Kieron Gillen

I enjoyed the first volume of the new Darth Vader comic enough to keep reading, but it had its issues.  I’m glad I did.  Volume 2 has moved beyond the issues of volume 1 and come into its own. Volume … Continue reading

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