Book Haul Post: Old School Edition

I don’t normally bother with book haul posts.  One, I try not to buy too many books.  Two, I’m fairly ashamed when I do, since I already have dozens of books I haven’t read.  Three, I usually buy books one by one, and online, which is boring.

But I’ve been in Colorado the past week and a half, and I finally took my host’s recommendation and visited Poor Richard’s.  Yes, that is a Ben Franklin reference. Befitting that, Poor Richard’s is four businesses in one: a pizza joint, a toy store, a cafe, and a bookstore.  For rather obvious reasons, it was the bookstore that garnered my particular attention.  Well, in other circumstances, I would be mostly interested in the pizza joint or cafe, or wherever I could most easily order a beer.  But this bookstore was special.

You see, it was (mostly) a used bookstore.  Which isn’t that rare, but this bookstore had the rare advantage of being well stocked with the old lions of SF.  A great many slim volumes, but I escaped with three Vance, a Lieber, a Norton, and a Zelazny.

book haul 7


Jack Vance

The Narrow Land

The Many Worlds of Magnus Ridolph

Marune: Alastar 933


Fritz Lieber

Heroes and Horrors


Andre Norton

Web of the Witch World


Roger Zelazny

Dilvish, The Damned

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