Review of Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

I’ll return to the question I asked in my review of The Gathering Storm—After Robert Jordan’s passing, with the series left unfinished, do can I recommend that someone who has never read the series pick up The Eye of the World? After this book, I can unequivocally say ‘Yes’ (an answer that did not change after reading the final book). Towers of Midnight is book 13 of 14 in The Wheel of Time series and is the second book in the series co-authored by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s passing.

Towers of Midnight cover

Sanderson here is considerably more comfortable in Jordan’s world. Mat’s voice, in particular, is much better. After focusing heavily on Rand and Egwene in The Gathering Storm, other characters come back to the fore. Perrin gets a Crowning Moment of Awesome or two. Mat takes care of a large chunk of foreshadowing and prophecy in one go. The Maradon campaign may be the best battle sequence in the series. We get what is probably the best speech in the series. One of the greatest fantastical sequences in the book is revisited and is similarly tremendous and again our outlook on the world is changed. One major nemesis is killed, while another is defeated but lives to fight another day.

Towers of Midnight cover 2

Unfortunately, the switch from a focus on Rand and Egwene to a more dispersed focus creates the one real problem with Towers of Midnight. Most of the plot threads early in Towers of Midnight take place before the events at the end of The Gathering Storm, but plot threads from The Gathering Storm are interspersed. The result is a rather confusing narrative.

Supergirls ‘It’s a Trap!’ Counter: The Gathering Storm-1, total-9

Original or new cover? New. (Original 4, New 10)

5/5 Stars.


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