Review of Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan

Knife of Dreams is book 10 of 14 in The Wheel of Time series. It is the last book completed by Robert Jordan before his untimely passing.

Knife of Dreams cover

I started reading The Wheel of Time shortly after The Shadow Rising was published and, given the open-ended nature of the series from that point on and the interminable wait for the next book, the books tended to all blend together. How wrong my initial perception was is well demonstrated by Crossroads of Twilight and Knife of Dreams. Crossroads of Twilight is a deeply, deeply flawed book, more so than I realized the first time I read it (and I only just recently re-read it for the first time since it was first published). Knife of Dreams, on the other hand, is easily the best book in the series since Lord of Chaos. Why? Quite simply, it seriously advances the story. It’s the first book since Jordan dropped the charade that each book’s climax might finish the series after The Dragon Reborn in which the story shrinks rather than grows. Brandon Sanderson deserves a lot of credit for wrangling the series to its conclusion after Jordan’s untimely death, but Knife of Dreams shows he had the series pointed in the right direction before he passed.

Knife of Dreams cover 2

The hallmark of Knife of Dreams is plot advancement. The long-running Perrin-Faile-Shaido storyline comes to a head. Mat gets plenty of great stuff. Elayne’s storyline remains a stain on a great series, but at least it comes to a head. It is caped with a four-pronged climax of the like not recently seen in The Wheel of Time, but three of the four lack in punch.

Supergirls ‘It’s a Trap!’ Counter: Knife of Dreams-1, total-8

Original or new cover? New. (Original 3, New 9)

4/5 Stars.

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