Review of Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan

Series at a Crossroads

Crossroads of Twilight is book 10 of 14 in The Wheel of Time series and is widely (and in my view, correctly) regarded as the weakest offering in the series. It suffers from two fatal flaws: it for no good reason covers the same period of time from the POV of a number of characters (taking up the bulk of the book) and it lacks any real climax. It also spends too much time on minor characters and too little on major characters.

Crossroads of Twilight cover

But it’s also the most “real” book in the series. The mass of pages devoted to the minor plots of scores of minor characters allows Jordan to show off his deep understanding of power and human nature. The problem is, that just doesn’t necessarily mesh with the narrative requirements of fiction.

I will say that this time around I feel differently about the much-maligned Faile-Perrin-Shaido storyline. It is still too inconsequential to the greater story for the attention it is given, but I now regard it as very fine storytelling in its own right.

Crossroads of Twilight cover 2

The original cover is just awful (albeit depicting an important scene). The ebook cover depicts a more integral scene, and beautifully.

Supergirls ‘It’s a Trap!’ Counter: Crossroads of Twilight-1, total-8

Original or new cover? New. (Original 3, New 8)

3/5 Stars.

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