Introducing a Month of The Wheel of Time

This is a generalist speculative fiction book review blog, not a Wheel of Time blog, but I am a huge fan, and I do have the complete series up there on the banner, so I should really get some Wheel of Time content on here. More importantly, the capstone to the series, The Wheel of Time Companion: The People, Places and History of the Bestselling Series, is out on November 3. Harriet and team will even be traveling to Houston for a signing.

Full Path of Daggers Cover Art

In honor of that, and, er, maybe because I’m super busy for the next month and a half, I will be turning the blog over almost entirely to posting on The Wheel of Time for the next month or so. Mostly it will be reviews of the 14 books in the main series and New Spring, but I also plan to throw a few essays and sundry in there.

In the meantime, the internet is overflowing with commentary and resources on The Wheel of Time.

Dragonmount – One of the oldest fan sites, and surely the preeminent site after WOTmania was folded into it. Dragonmount founder Jason Denzel also have a novel, Mystic, coming out on November 3.

Wertzone – Adam Whitehead has written many posts on The Wheel of Time. He is also running a massive and excellent series on the history of epic fantasy, and the two latest parts (seventeen and eighteen) cover The Wheel of Time.

Adventures of a Bookworm – Kaushal Hooda is giving his thoughts on The Wheel of Time as he reads it for the first time in his Big Read. He is already on Towers of Midnight.

Leigh Butler’s Wheel of Time Reread – Sort of the granddaddy of them all. The Reread has been going on for so long that the snake has begun swallowing its tail in a Reread Redux, rereading the reread.

The Thirteenth Depository – THE resource for the sources used by Jordan for worldbuilding.

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