Review of The Triple Sun by Rajnar Vajra

As the title suggests, The Triple Sun intentionally hearkens back to Golden Age science fiction where there were aliens on Earth’s closet neighbors and we adventured among the aliens on far-off planets.

Analog Cover

The Triple Sun follows a three-person team of Exoplanetary Explorers (Space Rangers, colloquially) made up of one Earthling, one silver Martian, and one golden Venusian. A bar brawl at the beginning of the story puts the team on thin ice and punishment duty. Punishment duty means helping a failed colony breakdown and prepare for final exit from the planet Abreathon. The colony has established the inhabitants are intelligent but have failed to make contact on one of only 3 of 1244 worlds with intelligent life. Priam, the Martian, ups the the ante by insisting they can find the intelligent life on Abreathon and make contact (required to continue colonization under the regs) and offering up their jobs as Space Rangers if they fail.

It just doesn’t work for me. I don’t care for the writing and found the big reveal boring. It’s a pedestrian effort all in all.

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