Review of Saga vol. 3 by Brian K. Vaughan

Volume 3 of Saga continues the story of star-crossed lovers from enemy peoples caught in an endless, bitter war, with a step up in quality from the first two (already good) volumes. Back are ram-horned Marko and insect-winged Alana, along with their as-dangerous-as-an-idea child, Marko’s mother, and a ghost babysitter with no lower body; freelancer The Will and Marko’s ex-fiancée Gwendolyn, along with a rescued child sex slave and a Lying Cat; and the TV-headed prince of the robot kingdom. Newcomers include a pair of blue and green tabloid reporters and the writer D. Oswald Heist, briefly introduced at the end of the last volume.

Saga vol 3

Things start off slow. We step back to see what happens before the robot prince arrives at Quietus, The Will et al. are temporarily sidelined on a planet more dangerous than it appears while he gets his ship repaired, and we get a new storyline of the tabloid reporters looking into Alana’s story. It’s good stuff in the interim, though, and things come to a head and get action packed as everyone converges toward the end of the volume.

Saga has always had two central threads running through it: parenthood and war. And it has always dealt with the former much better than the latter. The addition of Heist who, along with Marko’s mother, acts as a wise, grandparently foil to Marko and Alana’s young person’s foolishness, is welcome. And this volume thankfully rarely ruminates on war (with one notable exception, which makes up for it with utter ridiculousness).

Reviews of volumes 1 and 2 are here and here, respectively.

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