Review of Saga vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan

Volume 2 of Saga continues the story of star-crossed lovers from enemy peoples caught in an endless, bitter war. And it is the story of their child, born at the beginning of Volume 1. When Volume 1 ended, Alana, an insect-winged humanoid, and Marko, a ram-horned humanoid, had just fled the robot humanoid and freelancers hunting them on an organic rocket ship. With Marko’s newly arrived parents.

Saga vol 2

The comic greatly benefits from their addition. In general, Volume 2 still does well what Volume 1 does well, and still does poorly what Volume 2 does poorly. Alana and Marko are still stupid kids, but juxtaposed against Marko’s older, wiser parents, it no longer grates. The comic does, on the other hand, spend too much time ruminating on the war, about which we’re deliberately left in the dark so that we see it as the intentionally ignorant see war in our world. Saga is at its best as a family drama, and some additional attention here is welcomed.

The art remains gorgeous and inventive, Marko’s former fiancée is introduced, we see Alana and Marko’s meet-cute, and we get to see more of Saga’s beautiful, bizarre world.

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