Review of Sex Criminals vol. 1: One Weird Trick by Matt Fraction

“So the woods was, like, really slow internet basically.”

Sex Criminals is a funny comic in more ways than one. It’s very simple premise is that some people have the power to stop time for everyone else temporarily when they orgasm. The two main characters eventually meet and realize they both have this power, and use it the way anyone lacking strong moral fiber and the slightest imagination would—to rob banks.

Sex Criminals Cover

For a comic that’s supposed to be, well, comedic, there isn’t much that’s really funny outside of the above quote, the volume subtitle, the inherently funny term “butt stuff,” and the background art in the marital aid store. And then the “magic system” doesn’t really make sense. The “villain” (banks are bad!) is boring and trite, and the bright idea of robbing banks is neither smart nor zzzzzzzzzzzz [falls asleep]. The comic is, though, technically proficient with a time hopping storytelling structure that works well, and it works on an allegorical level as a stand-in for the biting loneliness that is the shadow of so much of modern sex.

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