Review of Zombie Nation vol. 2: Reduce, Reuse, Reanimate by Carter Reid

The Zombie Nation vol. 2: Reduce, Reuse, Reanimate is, I take it, a collected webcomic.  It suffers from the change in format both because it grates when taken in quantity and because you had to pay for it (I’m not sure what is in the Hugo packet; because of format preferences and time constraints, I went ahead and bought the paperback graphic novel versions of all of the nominees).

Zombie Nation Cover

Zombie Nation has a relatively set format, regularly cycling through features that include: the main comic, with ongoing storylines; one-off one-panel art, including most commonly Left 4 Dead concept art and Futurama undead; zombie haikus; semi-useless zombie facts; and true tales of a cartoonist.  The main comic includes two main storylines, both of which appear to be incomplete, the first missing its beginning and the second its ending.  The main characters are zombies, rotting away but otherwise apparently retaining full faculties, including speech.  The first storyline involves the recovery of the main character’s Necronomicon, which could be used to destroy all of the zombies, from a military remnant group.  The second storyline line involves fleeing from the main character’s murderous, clingy ex (we’ve all been there).  The humor is mostly lowbrow and prurient, which is ok, and boring and unfunny, which isn’t.  Not only does the first main storyline involve a Necronomicon, the main character’s name is Lovecraft, the first storyline ends with the summoning of Cthulhu, and in the second main storyline the main characters travel to a town called Innsmouth full of fish people.  It’s obvious who Reid’s favorite H.P. is.  He also ladles the pop culture references on thick (Zombie Nation is at its best when throwing shade at George Lucas or Twilight).  I won’t scare you away, but I would stick to the free stuff.

Reviews of the remaining graphic novels nominated for a Hugo to follow, as well as volumes 1 and 2 of Saga and volume 2 of Rat Queens.

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4 Responses to Review of Zombie Nation vol. 2: Reduce, Reuse, Reanimate by Carter Reid

  1. Martin Wisse says:

    You wasted a bit of money then because all the nominees, save for this one were in the Hugo Voters Packet. And this one is of course still available freely online..

    Sampling a few of those strips… Ehhh a not very good attempt to be a zombie Sluggy Freelance.

    Liked by 1 person

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